Decluttering your West Yorkshire home can add value.

Yes it can.


Let us explain.

We’ve all been there – that stark, empty house when the removal company are carrying in furniture, beds and white goods for you to watch aghast at the disappearing space.

Space really does appear to be the final frontier.

Decluttering though is apparently all the rage (we’ve read three articles about it this week, so it must be) so here, we thought we’d give you 5 tips to make your 2, 3 or 4 bedroomed terraced home in Leeds, Huddersfield or Wakefield, develop Tardis-like proportions.

Read on …

  1. Furniture. We’ve all witnessed those home programmes where a potential buyer declines a home based on the fact that their dining table is too big for the new property (or there’s no alpacas in sight on Escape to the Country). Scale down your furniture. Homes have acres of wall space so instead of bookcases and cabinets dictating floor space, exploit the walls with floating shelves and cabinets.
  2. Do one room at a time. Even if it’s the airing cupboard or the under stairs space where even spiders are afraid to venture. Focus on one room as a decluttering exercise first. It’s more achievable to begin small and work upwards.
  3. Kitchen. Be honest, when was the last time you used that small appliance? When was the last time you used those pans taking up cupboard space? Pare down and hang pots and pans on ceiling racks and shelves.
  4. Divide and conquer. Get in the habit of Dump or Donate. That coffee maker you last used in 2007, (but still works) has no future use for you, but it would be better off on eBay or Gumtree than in some West Yorkshire landfill.
  5. Paper. As technology has advanced, mail drops have decreased but you may still have piles of statements dating back 5, 10, 15 years. Invest in a shredder or file them in organised boxes and put them in underbed storage.

We hope this has been useful – we do intend to write more tips on decluttering in a future post.

If you have questions about staging your home for sale, or decluttering, call our friendly Leeds estate agency team now on 0113 235 1025 or fill in our contact form.

We will respond – and hopefully not via letter!