Should I rent or buy in Leeds?

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For many people, this is not really a question they ponder as property purchasing in parts of Leeds are beyond their reach. It's not just the raw prices that are so high - it's the stricter mortgage criteria and LTV (loan to value percentages). Many mortgage suppliers no longer work on income multipliers, but on

Mid term property report on Leeds

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You and we can recall the reports we got from schools at the end of term, or progress reports you get more regularly about your children / grandchildren etc. They give an indication of how you're doing and we've done similar over the past few years with property locally. We've seen lots of change in

Gone in 60 Seconds and The Fast and the Furious.

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Sometimes, we at Hogan's are victims. Victims of our own success. Let's explain. If you're a fan of the two movies named in the title, you may guess where this is leading? Or you may not? We have several business ambitions and all are centred on property, not cars - and your property. We aim

Autumn property report – Harehills

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Two news items broke recently: London has only four properties listed under £125,000 Leeds has many under £70,000 and Hogan's were featured here. The first one may not surprise you at all, as in some parts of London., £100,000 would get you only a garage or less. The second one may alert you as a

What’s the housing market like in Harehills?

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A few weeks ago, we posted an old photo of Harehills from 1897 when the area was being developed. The photo characterised it as a Leeds suburb of terraced homes and indeed little has changed since. In this latest article, we look at Harehills, just as we did with Beeston in an editorial some time