May 2019

Should you buy a 2 or 3 bedroomed home in Leeds?

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You're probably aware that there's a growing international trend for smaller spaces that are energy efficient and ergonomic. Japan pioneered this and other countries quickly followed suit as demand for urban space increased and supply of said land diminished. The new developments for Leeds South Bank will presumably give a nod to this trend and,

April 2019

Mid term property report on Leeds

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You and we can recall the reports we got from schools at the end of term, or progress reports you get more regularly about your children / grandchildren etc. They give an indication of how you're doing and we've done similar over the past few years with property locally. We've seen lots of change in

March 2019

Why IKEA can be a landlord’s best friend.

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The very word IKEA may fill you with trepidation at the thought of queuing for parking or Swedish meatballs, or you may thoroughly enjoy going there. Who knows? What we can say to you, with some certainty, as a homeowner, a tenant or a landlord, is that it can be a good place to fit

What is the Selective Licensing Scheme in Leeds?

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The Housing Act of 2004 enshrined in law certain powers in Sections 79, 80 and 81. Neil Evans explains the selective licensing scheme below and how it will apply to parts of Leeds, like Beeston and Harehills, which have the highest ratio of tenanted property in the city. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnwiUIVRCyU This scheme wasn't just introduced in

January 2019

Marcelo Bielsa and your Leeds property price

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Ok, we know, we know; we’re a Leeds estate agency not a forum or fanzine for Leeds United and its mercurial manager, Marcelo Bielsa. But bear with us, because your property in Leeds could be affected by this man and his team, far more than the press predictions about Brexit. Like the football, with the

December 2018

Don’t look back in anger, I heard you say?

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Unusually, 2018 saw London property prices actually fall and here in Leeds, property prices did increase, not fall, but according to government statistics only by 1.5% over the 12 months.  The times have been uncertain in the past decade – we had a coalition government which was said to have created some uncertainty and the

November 2018

5 ways to add value to your property, without breaking the bank

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Ten, fifteen years ago, when you switched on tv during the day or evening, you were bound to see property programmes when channel surfing and, you still can today, but now on dedicated channels. These programmes, like Homes under the Hammer, Property Ladder and others, chronicled investors and buyers who'd bought a wreck and transformed

October 2018

Gone in 60 Seconds and The Fast and the Furious.

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Sometimes, we at Hogan's are victims. Victims of our own success. Let's explain. If you're a fan of the two movies named in the title, you may guess where this is leading? Or you may not? We have several business ambitions and all are centred on property, not cars - and your property. We aim

This expert tells us where never to buy property

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Tonight, on Channel 4, "Grand Designs" continues with its 19th series and is one of a few property programmes that has stood the test of time since its first airing in 1999. If you're like us, at Hogan's, you may watch it avidly but what's interesting about Kevin McCloud's opinions at the start of this

September 2018

Autumn property report – Harehills

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Two news items broke recently: London has only four properties listed under £125,000 Leeds has many under £70,000 and Hogan's were featured here. The first one may not surprise you at all, as in some parts of London., £100,000 would get you only a garage or less. The second one may alert you as a