July 2018

What are your must-haves for property?

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Last week, we posted a Facebook update from the news that revealed the top 20 things home buyers now demand and it provoked a lot of interest. If you scroll down this article, you can see the full list, or if you like our Facebook page, you will read more property and Leeds facts daily. Number

June 2018

Is it really cheaper to buy a property than rent?

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News broke last week and made headlines online on various property websites and in the mainstream press that buying a house is now officially cheaper than renting. We think it’s true and not just in east Leeds, but in many places across the UK (London and the south east perhaps excepted). Look at the figures.

How to buy in Leeds without seeing the property

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Leeds, like many major cities, is undergoing transformation of its property market, which is largely being driven by the digital explosion. The days of consumers spending hours browsing in shops may be coming to an end as we have all access to high speed broadband and the likes of Amazon, eBay and Gumtree. Giant commercial

May 2018

Why terraced houses are so common in Leeds

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I lived in Leeds from 1986 to 1987, as a student, in the suburb of Headingley, long before I made acquaintance with the team at Hogan's. I do vaguely remember a bus route that took me through Harehills and not directly to the city centre, when I was teacher training and if I squint back

Can you buy a property for under £50,000 in Leeds?

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Property prices vary massively across the country - in some parts of the south east, £50,000 wouldn't buy you a garage or beach hut, but in other places, you'd have spare change for refurbishments and holidays. Take the north east for example. A terraced house in some parts of County Durham can be bought for

April 2018

What are the best types of survey for your Leeds property?

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We are looking this week in our latest blog at surveys - not the ones used on "Family Fortunes" (if you're old enough to remember that phrase) but the ones you need for house purchases. You can find further advice on surveyors on the RICS and RSPA websites but we thought, at Hogan's, we'd give

E by gum – advice for Leeds landlords from Stephen

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You know when you're buying white goods, like fridges, freezers, washing machines, and even televisions, they all have that vertical sticky label running for the first part of the alphabet? A, A+, A+++ being the most efficient and H being the least? You may or may not be aware that all privately rented homes now

March 2018

Why flipping is not just for pancakes

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Flipping, unusual verb, don't you agree? Do you see it as a mildly old-fashioned term of exasperation? A loss of temper "I flipped"? Or a term you use once a year on Shrove Tuesday? Well at Hogan's we have a new meaning for it. Flipping in property terms means buying a property to sell it.

Head along Easterly Road for 15% growth in Gipton

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East of our Harehill's base with travel aptly along Easterly Road sits the suburb of Gipton. It's become something of a property hotspot in east Leeds and statistics show how: There are currently 85 properties listed on Rightmove within Gipton alone and 54 are under offer or sold subject to contract with just 31 residential

February 2018

Go on, have a feast on Beeston.

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We've written before about Beeston Leeds but bear with us. Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 were arguably better than the original as was The Godfather 2, though we'll swiftly gloss over Jaws 2 ... Beeston is on a steady upward property trajectory year-on-year. Don't believe us - here's what Rightmove says: Last year most