Ten, fifteen years ago, when you switched on tv during the day or evening, you were bound to see property programmes when channel surfing and, you still can today, but now on dedicated channels. These programmes, like Homes under the Hammer, Property Ladder and others, chronicled investors and buyers who’d bought a wreck and transformed it to either live in or sell on.

The problem now is that many properties that need investment cost in excess of £50,000 in east Leeds alone and plugging another £20,000 in does not alway add up as many properties have what’s known as a “ceiling price”.

There are though five easier ways of making a home more sellable and more valuable.

Read on.

1 Decorating

Apart from the outlay on paint, wallpaper and equipment, this costs little except your time and if you choose neutral hues can make a property sell faster as it is seen as in moving in condition.

2 Declutter

It might be that time of year where you make your annual pilgrimage to the loft for Christmas decorations, but do you really need the stuff hidden in there, or in cupboards, wardrobes, under beds? If you’ve not worn that coat, those jeans for 10 years, are you likely to really? Same with your kitchen. Do you really need those chipped old plates that are never used? Recycle. Stick stuff on Gumtree. Donate to charity.

3 Improve the kerb appeal

We don’t mean getting Nick Knowles and his team in to sort out your front, but just tidying up, putting seasonal plants in, gravel with weedproof membrane under, some potted plants, a lick of paint to fences and gates, pruning of shrubs and hedges. The type of work that will take a day or two but make your property look much better when a viewer approaches.

4 A new front door

It’s an old trick but one that still adds value. A new door, with new handles and letterbox and lock, makes your home more appealing. May cost more than decorating or gardening, but should repay itself.

5 Replace an old boiler

Again, not an inexpensive project, but one that will repay you or future tenants and owners in value and efficiency. You have a viewer who asks about central heating and you can say the boiler is under a 10 year warranty and was installed in November 2018.

Do you have any other tips for improving property value?

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