December 2017

Seven improvements you can make to your property

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40 years ago, we'd have stated unequivocally that the best improvement you can make to any home is the addition of double glazed windows, but given that most properties, with the exception of some listed period properties have double glazing, what advice would we nowoffer from our Leeds base to homeowners and investors to improve

November 2017

Which city has the youngest and fast growing population, after London?

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At Hogan's, Hogan's Online Plus and Hogan's Fast Sale, you're probably well aware that we cover the whole of West Yorkshire from our two bases. That is a mammoth area, which Adam Parkin and the team stoically cover. We've recently sold properties not just in Leeds, which is our dominant sales and lettings area, but

October 2017

Would you spend £300 million on a train to Leeds?

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Would you spend £300 million on a train to Leeds?  According to news just released by the government and the YEP, the answer is an emphatic yes. £300 million is about to be expended on improving the rail network to Leeds, which means that 10 million people will be within a one hour train ride

No questions asked, why we help buyers

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We don't just help sellers, we help buyers too. The lifeblood of any estate agent is getting listings and seeing those listings through to exchange of contract and completion - if we didn't we'd quickly develop a poor reputation as leading Leeds estate agents and have no commission. It's why independent estate agencies like Hogan's

September 2017

What’s the housing market like in Harehills?

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A few weeks ago, we posted an old photo of Harehills from 1897 when the area was being developed. The photo characterised it as a Leeds suburb of terraced homes and indeed little has changed since. In this latest article, we look at Harehills, just as we did with Beeston in an editorial some time

Slow movers – why property doesn’t always sell.

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We have a proud record at Hogan's - when we get a property for sale or to let, they go quickly. There's no easy way of explaining why it happens - but it does. We have a huge database of qualified buyers, a great reputation as Leeds letting and estate agencies and, we think and

August 2017

5 reasons why your property isn’t selling

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You've taken the plunge, decided to get your home, your investment property on the market for sale as you want to move, release cash, upsize, downsize, relocate and you wait patiently for offers. If the asking price is right and the property is marketed well on portals, social media and email shots, you shouldn't be

July 2017

Are friends electric in Leeds in 2040.

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You may be viewing the news about 2040 this week with some scepticism or relief, depending on your personal views, but the government, along with EU neighbours like France and European car builders like Volvo are reading the last rites to the petrol and diesel engine and going electric. Leeds, like any other major city,

Why now is a great time to sell in Leeds

By | 2017-07-17T12:24:44+00:00 July 17th, 2017|Leeds|

With the General Election dust now settling, we are witnessing an uplift in the property market at Hogan's in Leeds and across West Yorkshire,. A previous article covered the political ramifications of the ballot box but in this blog post, we thought we’d hold a property magnifying glass up to our area and answer why