March 2018

Head along Easterly Road for 15% growth in Gipton

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East of our Harehill's base with travel aptly along Easterly Road sits the suburb of Gipton. It's become something of a property hotspot in east Leeds and statistics show how: There are currently 85 properties listed on Rightmove within Gipton alone and 54 are under offer or sold subject to contract with just 31 residential

February 2018

Go on, have a feast on Beeston.

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We've written before about Beeston Leeds but bear with us. Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 were arguably better than the original as was The Godfather 2, though we'll swiftly gloss over Jaws 2 ... Beeston is on a steady upward property trajectory year-on-year. Don't believe us - here's what Rightmove says: Last year most

Our house in the Middleton, the street

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House prices, as you probably know, vary massively across Leeds. The northern suburbs of Roundhay, Headingley and the city centre itself command average prices double or triple that of other suburbs. The city centre, for example, has average sold prices of almost £200,000, twice that of Harehills. There's pockets though of Leeds, away from the

January 2018

Property prices leap at the start of the new year

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This is not sales spin, but a blog post based on news you may have read from Rightmove, as reported in The Guardian last week. Apparently the average UK house price has risen by £2000 in January, but, as always, it's not all joy for homeowners as properties are now taking longer to sell across

The word of the year: “youthquake”

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We must admit to a bit of a surprise in our Hogan's office when the Oxford English Dictionary declared "youthquake" as word of the year in December 2017. It's an odd choice, don't you think? It was spawned, apparently, as Theresa May's snap General Election saw a swing to the left from the youth vote,

December 2017

Almost a double century across the county?

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In August 1977, if you're old enough, you may recall Geoffrey Boycott's 191 runs against Australia in the Ashes. An epic achievement in any era and one that will stand the test of time for many years. Boycott, whether you like him or not, was a consummate sportsman, having started life in difficulty when he

Seven improvements you can make to your property

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40 years ago, we'd have stated unequivocally that the best improvement you can make to any home is the addition of double glazed windows, but given that most properties, with the exception of some listed period properties have double glazing, what advice would we nowoffer from our Leeds base to homeowners and investors to improve

November 2017

Which city has the youngest and fast growing population, after London?

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At Hogan's, Hogan's Online Plus and Hogan's Fast Sale, you're probably well aware that we cover the whole of West Yorkshire from our two bases. That is a mammoth area, which Adam Parkin and the team stoically cover. We've recently sold properties not just in Leeds, which is our dominant sales and lettings area, but

October 2017

Would you spend £300 million on a train to Leeds?

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Would you spend £300 million on a train to Leeds?  According to news just released by the government and the YEP, the answer is an emphatic yes. £300 million is about to be expended on improving the rail network to Leeds, which means that 10 million people will be within a one hour train ride